Attractions in the Territory

A Territory to Discover

Flea market

Zacaredde is an open air antiques market set near the town park of Ostuni. All the months, every second sunday, hundreds of visitors walks until sunset between vintage and collectable objects.

Agnano Archaeological Park

Located about 3 km from Ostuni, with access from the road SS16 Ostuni-Fasano, the natural and archeological Park of Santa Maria di Agnano streches for a 14 acres area at the bottom of Ostuni's hills, a wonderful landscape between the green of the marina and the blue of the sea. The escavation in the caves inside the Park revealed lots of important artifacts since the Paleolithic era, today hosted in city Museum of Civiltà Preclassiche in Ostuni. Among those, the findings of Ostuni1, a pregnant woman who lived about 28.000 years ago founded with his right arm on the belly, protecting the fetus. Today is possible to enjoy the Park and all the various attractions en events, both for adults and children: guided tours, trekking, concerts and cultural events.

Zoo Safari of Fasano

The Zoo Safari Fasanolandia lies on the hills near Fasano, about 30 minutes from Ostuni, and hosts one of Europe's biggest animal park, with thousands specimens of different species (elephants, hippos, lions, tigers, giraffes, antilopes, gorillas, etc) living on the hills of the Fasano's Selva, in a more than one hundred acres area with mediterranean vegetation. In addition to the unmissable safari with cars, the Zoo Safari has pedestrian animal areas with reptiles, fish and apes, and also an amusement park with, bar, reastaurant, shows, rides and shops.