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A place where you can find your privacy, relax, and harmony.

Sant'Eligio Relais


You feel at home, in harmony with the architecture, the design, and the surrounding nature.

Sant'Eligio Relais


Where you can find the genuine taste of the local cuisine.

Sant'Eligio Relais

Relais Sant'Eligio

Situated along the “via della Procaccia”, the Hotel Sant’Eligio has always assumed the function of dwelling, due to its strategic location that, just off the fortified walls of the “White City”, dominates over the verdant plans of the magic Ostuni. Commissioned by queen Bona Sforza d’Aragona, the hotel was erected, in the half of the 16th century, with the intent to establish a post office that could link the maritime poles of Otranto and Naples, and so taking the name of “Camposada”. In the variegated context of Ostuni, the “White City” of Apulia, our hotel represents the best formula, due to the excellence of the gastronomic offers and the accommodation facilities.

Our four-stars-hotel towers just around the perimeter of the old town center, just 6 km away from the sea. Its sophisticated architectures includes 22 rooms that, respectively, face marvelous panoramic views, with the comfort of the most innovative technologies that, however, coexist with the original architectural profiles. Immerged into the elegant shapes of an internal courtyard, singular spaces where conversing, and a panoramic terrace, our guest is welcomed by a warm ambient that, surrounded by the fertile Apulian vegetation, blurs looking at the sea, in a rhythmical communication with the secular olive trees. Not by chance, in fact, an inscription tells the guests: QUISQUIS HUC VENIT HUC REDIET, meaning “Those who accommodate here, will come back”.

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